Every decision taken for providing solutions is arrived at by two-way participation involving our patients and by sharing information in a transparent manner. 

Vision and Mission

Our guiding principles are honesty, transparency, empathy, accountability, reliability and passion,    which always reflect in our work culture.

Personalised Care

Dr. Vijay Rangachari,
ENT & Endoscopic Skull Base surgeon
​Clinical Lead, Department of ENT
Manipal hospitals, Whitefield, Bengaluru, India

Spectrum of services

Core Values

We provide care for the entire gamut of ENT issues from  daily ailments of ear, nose and throat to complex maladies like vertigo, snoring and headache.

Understanding the specialty of ENT

Ear, Nose, Throat Head & Neck Surgery is a specialty that provides care for all Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck illnesses. Though it is one of the oldest specialties in medicine, it has now emerged in a modern avatar with major technological advances. Highly advanced endoscopic camera devices and sophisticated microscopes have enabled the ENT surgeon to make precise diagnoses and have a detailed magnified examination of the niche areas in Ear nose throat and neck which were earlier hidden from the naked eye view.  

The specialty caters to a wide range of ailments spanning the entire spectrum of head and neck ranging from the base of the brain above to the entire neck below including other areas in the vicinity like the tear sac in the eye, besides covering the ear, nose, throat and sinuses. 
Consultation with an ENT surgeon can range from problems like cough, cold, sore throat, ear ache, loss of hearing, ear infections, ear discharge, allergies and infections of nose and sinuses to serious maladies like giddiness, balance disorders, headache, snoring and sleep disorders, voice problems, speech disorders in children, long standing coughs and chronic upper respiratory infections.  

The ENT doctor also works closely with the Audiologist who does hearing screening and testing through audiometry for accurate diagnosis of ear problems. The Speech and Language therapist is also a closely associated specialty for treating and managing disorders related to speech problems. 

Our vision is to become the first choice for ENT care for  the community. Maintaining high standards of ethical care and clinical excellence is our mission.